Why do you get vaccinated for influenza?
I always roll up my sleeve for the protection of those around me and for my own protection. It’s such a simple and effective way to help prevent influenza.

Do you think influenza is a serious disease?
Influenza can be especially devastating to the elderly, the young and those with chronic medical conditions. This contagious disease can unknowingly be transmitted prior to an obvious fever or other flu-like symptoms. Influenza may lead to serious complications and may be a real medical emergency requiring emergent transport to an Emergency Department and hospitalization.

Why do you think it is important for people in your line of work to get vaccinated?
Public and Private EMS personnel, law enforcement personnel and fire personnel should take the pledge and do the right thing; Be vaccinated. Do it for you, your patients, your coworkers as well as your family and the community you serve. Remember, do no harm!

Why is it important for health care workers to get vaccinated for influenza each year?
We should be vaccinated for our patients. Health care professionals providing care to very ill and injured patients on a regular basis. These professionals are experts but that does not make us good patients. Today, it takes more than hand-washing and covering your cough or sneeze to prevent transmission of flu. It takes a vaccinations too.

Do you think it safe to get influenza vaccine?
YES! I recommend it. It’s been proven safe and effective year after year. The inactivated virus does not produce flu symptoms however, very minimal side effects may occur in some; injection site soreness, mild fever and minimal body aches. Minimal effects for the protection you receive from rolling up your sleeve your health. These side effects are not limited to the “flu shot.” I’m just Sayin.

Lloyd Henry

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