Why do you get vaccinated for influenza?
Vaccination for influenza provides me with a self-assurance that not only am I taking steps to maintain my health, but I am also contributing to the overall effort to prevent spread of the disease. Immunizing myself will lessen the chance that I can spread the virus… the more who receive vaccine, the better ‘herd immunity’ will result which helps us all have a better chance at avoiding the influenza.

Do you think influenza is a serious disease?
Yes, influenza is a serious disease as a primary disease affecting a person’s already stressed body and placing additional strain on the body to fight the disease . But also as important are the secondary infections which may result following the influenza disease.

Why do you think it is important for people in your line of work to get vaccinated?
Public Health stands firm to promote influenza vaccination… we should set the example and be first in line to ‘walk the walk, and talk the talk’. Our public looks to us for guidance and to receive the best advice. We need to promote NoFluForYou to the extent possible.

Why is it important for health care workers to get vaccinated for influenza each year?
Health care workers are such an integral part of the work force; they are in daily contact with people who depend on their assistance daily. Missouri needs them to be healthy…. physically, mentally and emotionally, in order to deliver this valuable care to the public. Not only are they constantly exposed to ill individuals, but they also can be carriers of influenza and expose other patients. The public seek HCW opinions daily; we need them to “Help promote NoFluForYou by getting vaccinated and promoting vaccination”.

Sue Heisler

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